A boycott and a shortage

Published on February 12, 2019 by oz. staff

The online discussion is lively about the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Over the weekend, there was call for a boycott of MedReleaf products over a 30 percent increase on San Rafael ’71 brand Tangerine Dream flower.

But the company told customers the decision to increase had nothing to do with them; rather it was the OCS that dictated the move.

Now there is a suggestion to boycott everything over $10/g (or whatever is your price point cutoff).

“I’m not going to be starved into buying overpriced weed just because it’s the only thing consistently available on the OCS,” he said.

Price wars and shortages are widespread

Supply and demand issues have been an issue in Ontario and Quebec. Now Alberta retailers are also saying they’re affected.

As the Lethbridge Herald put it: “The unlicensed drug dealers are doing well. But some of Alberta’s government-approved cannabis stores are struggling in the face of ongoing supply problems.”

Those problems are expected to drag on.

Edmonton-based Aurora’s CEO says he “loses sleep” over the thought of the current shortage, which he says could last at least five years.

He made the comment on a call with investors.

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