SpeakEasy can now sell its buds direct

Published on January 25, 2021 by oz. staff

SpeakEasy's cannabis plantation near Rock Creek, BC

SpeakEasy Cannabis can now sell flower in the recreational market and directly to medical patients.

The BC company made history in 2020 with the world’s largest ever legal cannabis harvest, with 60 acres of individually potted plants.

The company announced Monday that Health Canada has amended its current production and processing licence to allow sales of its flower and pre-rolls.

“Like an iceberg, 90 percent of SpeakEasy, up to this point, has been below the surface,” says founder Marc Geen.

“So much activity and work goes unseen until a point is reached where a thousand small things all come together, this is one of those moments. Achieving the amended sales licence requires an immense amount of work and represents a radical change in direction for the Company.”

Geen says this represents the transition from a farm gate wholesaler to a manufacturer of finished products for retail sale, which has been the long-term plan.

It opens up the path to higher margins by eliminating the necessity to sell to other licence holders, allowing the Rock Creek-based company to be a direct supplier of finished packaged products and not just bulk unpackaged cannabis.

The company says BC bud has “a mystique all by itself,” adding SpeakEasy represents the skill and craftsmanship found in the province’s legacy market growers.