The Valens Company to produce for Simply Bare

Published on March 4, 2021 by oz. staff

The Valens Company and Rubicon Organics are teaming up.

They entered into an extraction and custom manufacturing agreement that will see Valens blend its proprietary extraction capabilities—including organic certified CO2, ethanol, and other extraction technologies—with Rubicon Organics’ portfolio of brands: Simply Bare Organic, 1964 Supply Co., and Lab Theory.

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“The Rubicon Organics team has a strong and proven track record of success with their flower business and we are confident they will enjoy the same success in other product categories,” says Valens CEO Tyler Robson.

“At the heart of this agreement is a true partnership and both parties are eager to get down to work on innovation to bolster Rubicon Organics’ product portfolio and bring certified organic, high-quality 2.0 products to the Canadian market. We are especially pleased to be working with a supply partner that can meet our strict requirements for laboratory controls, quality and reliability.”

Jesse McConnell, Chief Executive Officer of Rubicon Organics, says this partnership accelerates their launch of organic certified 2.0 products.

Photo credit: Simply Bare/Instagram