100mg Nano Shot by HYTN

Published on February 2, 2024 by David Wylie

A bottle of 100mg Nano Shot by HYTN with a halved lemon. Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

Like a shooter, HYTN’s Nano Shot burns going down and packs a punch.

This ‘edible’ falls into a category of its own. It’s a concentrated drink/oil that bumps up against the lines. While edibles are limited to 10mg THC, oils can go up to 1,000mg THC per bottle.

HYTN’s 100mg Nano Shot alludes to the amount of THC the name, but it’s a little more muddy on the label, which says ‘2mg/g’.

Peeling back the label reveals: 1 drop=0.05ml is 1 activation and 1 activation=0.1mg THC. There are 50ml in the bottle. So some multiplication and division yield 1,000 activations in the bottle, which is 100mg THC… right?

There are other issues with HYTN’s Nano Shot.

It smells like lemon cleaner, tastes like lemon cold medicine, and burns in the throat going down.

It’s called a ‘shot’ but it has a dropper plugging the hole.

Along with gulping this back, you can also add this like bitters to a mocktail or blend it into a fruit smoothie.

Initially HYTN’s Nano Shot felt like a hybrid product that nobody really asked for, but now that I’ve finished the bottle, I actually want another one.