Pineapple Party by Pineapple Buds

Published on October 21, 2021 by David Wylie

Nice cannabis buds from Pineapple Buds Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

It truly is a Pineapple Party.

Grown in the Okanagan—this Indica from Pineapple Buds is some pretty good stuff.

It smells like pineapples—sweet and fruity. There are four relatively even-sized buds that are all nicely manicured. Some purple leaves stick out, giving it a nice tinge.

This is craft weed and you can tell. It has great moisture, dense with a little give when pressed. The buds are frosty.

It’s nice to handle and grinds up fluffy. It rolls up nicely, too.

Put out under the BC Black label from Joint Venture Craft Cannabis, Pineapple Party is 25.4% THC and 2.51% Terpenes.

I paid nearly $50 for an eighth at a local cannabis retailer. You can get it cheaper if you shop around at stores that don’t mark up their products as high.

It did come packed in a bag, and I would prefer glass to protect such nice flower.

Squeezed in the bag, the buds were starting to show some rectangular squishing. It was packaged Oct 5, 2021.

Overall, this is pretty weed and got me good and stoned.

Would buy again.