Shark Shock by Redecan

Published on June 11, 2020 by David Wylie

More and more people are talking about Redecan – and the growing recognition is deserved.

I picked this high CBD strain up at Green Gaia in Summerland a while back. Recently managing pain, I found myself in a spot where I needed some CBD for relief.

Enter Shark Shock at about 3% THC and 8.25% CBD. The 1:3 ratio is nice, and always seems to find my sweet spot. It’s gentle on the mind and relaxed in the body. It really helps take the edge off of pain.

The bud itself is dense and sticky, with stringy orange pistils. This is a pairing of White Widow and Skunk No. 1. It has a spicy aroma, with a bit of a sour apple taste.

Redecan is proving to be a dependable and diverse value brand. I’ve vaped for a while off and on with a 510-thread Redecan Zkittles cart and have found its distinct pine-sol taste to be strangely endearing and effective. Their Reign Drops are potent at 30 mg THC per ml. And affordable too.

The brand is becoming a go-to for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a consistent product at an affordable price.