Weekly newsletter from December 2

Published on December 2, 2022 by oz. staff

🚔 Arrested for a joint

Velvet Kavanagh recounts her experience getting booked and searched 30 years ago, and how that shaped what she does today. PLUS, 1 in 4 Ontario drivers got behind the wheel after consuming edibles. AND, Cranberry Ginger Ale 🎄

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Here are the week’s Quick Hits, Newswire, and Dad Jokes…

Quick Hits

🗂 Weed and taxes: Manitoba moves to eliminate 6% levy on cannabis retailers, sign on to federal excise tax instead (CBC)

🚨 Crackdown: Toronto cannabis boutique raided by police, 6 arrested (City News)

👤 His words: Q&A with Curaleaf CEO Matt Darin (MJBizDaily)

🇧🇲 Stand-off: Be more forceful with Britain on cannabis, Canadian expert says (The Royal Gazette)

🧠 Plus, minus: Many People with Bipolar Disorder Use Cannabis. It May Sometimes Help. (Scientific American)

🚜 Accepting applications: Cannabis farmgate comes to BC (StratCann)


Leading Canadian Cannabis Expo, Grow Up Conference, Announces First Alberta Show for 2023

Rubicon Organics Releases Second Annual ESG Report

The Flowr Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2022 Results

High Tide Launches Exclusive Paid Membership Program: “Cabana Elite”

Dad jokes

A newly-married couple wakes up on their first Christmas morning together…

The wife kisses her husband on the cheek and says, “Merry Christmas, hun! Don’t get up, I have a surprise for you – as your first Christmas present, I’m going to make you your favorite breakfast in bed… Eggs Benedict!”

“Wow, great!” says the husband, propping himself up in bed as his wife scampers away to the kitchen.

A little time and lots of clanging and cooking later, the wife returns with a beautiful plate of Eggs Benedict – fresh and steaming hot on a plate.

The husband smiles from ear to ear as he takes the plate from his wife, but gets a slightly quizzical look on his face when he notices that the plate is one he’s never seen before. Instead of their usual dinnerware, this plate is a shiny, silvery metallic one.

“This is wonderful, darling!” the husband says, “But what’s with the fancy plate, did you get it special for today?”

“Of course I did,” beams the wife, “it’s Christmas!…”

“… There’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise!”