A glimpse into my own personal cannabis consumer habits

Published on February 24, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.
Some of the recent purchases from a local private brick and mortar shop.

Write what you know, they say.

I know my weed buying habits, and since my data is being leaked, sold, and otherwise disseminated anyway, I figured I’d just freely share it.

I buy weed a few times a month, mostly at local private brick and mortar shops—though I admit to buying online and locally from BC Cannabis Stores when I’m looking for a specific product that’s hard to find (usually oils).

I prefer to shop at stores that have a wide selection, as well as places where I know people.

My weed spending is on the high side, about as much as I spend on gas.

I’m not necessarily your average consumer because I buy pot to review it, so I’m rarely a repeat customer—especially with flower.

That said, I do gravitate to certain brands when it comes to drinks and edibles—partly because there aren’t that many and they come in waves.

I enjoy edibles and make them part of my routine. As a canna-dad, movie nights are a perfect time to munch on chocolate and gummies, along with the un-infused popcorn. I find the 10mg THC cap low for my tolerance, so I also use a base of THC oil so that I don’t have to eat $20-$30 worth of candy to feel the effect.

I would eventually like to see more artisan options… but I get that would require regulatory changes and we’re just not there yet.

When it comes to flower, I usually shop craft.

I’m also a craft beer guy who logged hundreds of unique beers on the Untapped app. (Someone should get on making an app like that for weed.)

I don’t shop based on the THC percentage, but might pick up something based on terpene percentages.

I like to buy flower that has buzz from other consumers. I’m also a sucker for a good story.

I don’t buy vapes very often, and it’s even more rare that I get concentrates.

As for my social habits, I’ve participated in a cannabis tour, as well as attended conferences and industry events. I don’t really socialize specifically around cannabis; though I would spend time at cannabis consumption spaces, especially coffee shops and music venues, if/when they’re a thing in BC.

I’m also the type of person who would bring their out-of-town relatives to farmgate locations.

Online, I enjoy interacting with the cannabis community and have connected with brands on Twitter and Instagram. I have reached out on occasion for customer service on social channels. Reddit is one of my main cannabis channels. I don’t buy weed because it won a popularity contest on Instagram (though I do sometimes avoid it for that reason).

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