Flying high

Published on December 6, 2018 by David Wylie

British Columbia’s airports are Canada’s most cannabis friendly.

Sorry fellow Canadians – but if you want to get high before getting 40,000 feet high, you need to fly out of BC. Don’t expect the same privilege at Canada’s other airports or you may end up dropping your stash in the airport trash.

We put together a list of airports where you can, and can’t, smoke or vape.

It’s ok in…


Smoking and vaping cannabis is allowed on Vancouver Airport property in designated areas, located outside the terminal.


The same policies apply at Kelowna International Airport. If you want to smoke or vape cannabis, you can at designated smoking areas outside the terminal building.

It’s not OK in…


Toronto Pearson isn’t as pot friendly. The airport prohibits cannabis smoking or vaping anywhere on airport grounds. Though that may not be forever: “We will continue to monitor the implementation of cannabis legislation across Canada and evolve our policies as necessary,” says the airport.


Smoking or vaping cannabis is also a hard no at Calgary airport. It can’t be consumed anywhere on airport property.


In La Belle Province, Cannabis use isn’t allowed anywhere on the Montreal airport site. This policy respects the orientations of the municipalities bordering the airport site.


As the province in Canada that has the highest amount of pot in its pee, You’d think Nova Scotia’s Halifax Stanfield airport would allow it on the property. Nope. Cannabis use is prohibited on airport property, including the areas outside the terminal building designated for tobacco smoking.


While Winnipeg airport doesn’t allow recreational cannabis on its property, it does allow medicinal cannabis, as long it’s eight metres from any building.