This Week in Cannabis News: Oct. 13

Published on October 13, 2020 by Dean Millard

This Week on The Cannabis 101 podcast, host Dean Millard and David Wylie of the oz. talked about the big stories in cannabis.

The U.S. vice-presidential debate touched off a firestorm on the stock market when it came to the cannabis world. Sen. Kamala Harris has vowed to decriminalize cannabis across the country if elected and that has investors excited.

The man behind Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is in favour of decriminalization, but not just cannabis and his putting his money where his mouth is with a half a million dollar contribution to the cause in Oregon.

Esquire Magazine is taking interest in THC infused drinks with a very nice piece on the subject, speaking with people who have made the switch from alcohol to cannabis and what the future holds for drinks. David and I disagree on the taste right now, but I’m sure they will get better.

We wrapped with a story about PBS Travel Guy Rick Steves support for legalization in his home state of New Jersey. Rick has travelled the world for his gig with PBS and likes how things are done in Europe when it comes to restrictions. One of Rick’s favourite things to do when he uses the plant is something I think a lot of people can probably relate to!