This Week in Cannabis News: Oct. 7

Published on October 7, 2020 by Dean Millard

Things change fast in the still developing cannabis industry.

David Wylie of the oz. and Dean Millard of The Cannabis 101 Podcast bring you the top stories. It was a bad news/good news segment as we looked into a story about a North Okanagan company going bankrupt as it looks like another case of trying to go too big too fast.

We also looked at an alarming amount of arrests in the United States when it comes to marijuana possession, in fact more than all violent crimes combined. Its’ a terrible situation that is ruining people’s lives.

Canopy Growth and some long term care facilities are going to study quality of life for seniors using medical cannabis.

We ended with some great news about THC fighting colon cancer in lab tests with mice and what else it has helped with during the research.