$1-a-joint campaign unique in cannabis

Published on July 30, 2021 by oz. staff

BC Craft Supply is selling legacy brand Grizzlers pre-rolls through a $1—“Buck a Joint”—campaign in Alberta.

Spearheaded by marketing company Think AHLOT, the program is unique in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

It uses a limited-quantity, sample-sized offering at a sample-friendly price-point to drive trial, awareness and sales, through a cheap price-point: $1.

“Canada’s Cannabis retailers have endured reduced operations, strict marketing regulations and increased competition and we want to show our support by bringing new and existing customers back in-store, with compliant and captivating cannabis sampling,” says AHLOT CEO, Greg Pantelic.

“Sampling – a proven tactic in any other industry – is a great way to encourage customers to engage with their local shop.”

Grizzlers are available in Ontario and Alberta, but not BC.