Closer ties: The Valens Company acquires Verse Cannabis

Published on September 2, 2021 by oz. staff

Photo: The Valens Company/Instagram

The Valens Company has added another acquisition to its portfolio, with Verse Cannabis.

Valens completed a transaction to acquire Verse Cannabis, including all of its intellectual property.

The companies already has a close relationship, with Kelowna-based Valens manufacturing Verse’s growing portfolio of vape, flower, and edible products since Verse’s launch in August 2020.

Valens also announced this week a deal to purchase craft-cannabis focused LP Citizen Stash.

“The acquisitions of Verse and Citizen Stash were motivated by an underlying desire to become an ally to both our customers and consumers,” says Valens chairman and CEO Tyler Robson.

Top of the market

Valens has gained a top-tier market share position in Canada with more than 220 listings across seven provinces and territories.

“We believe in creating best-in-class products that consumers deserve in the right way, without ever cutting corners,” says Robson.

“Whether it’s medical or recreational, local or international, third-party owned brands or Valens owned brands, we’re pursuing purity in extraction, formulation, product development and testing to bring the benefits of cannabis to the world.”