Dunn Cannabis teams up with BZAM

Published on April 30, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Dunn Cannabis' partnership with BZAM allows them to focus on growing.

A BC micro and large cannabis company have formed a unique partnership.

Logan Dunn, founder of Dunn Cannabis, says the experience he’s gained as a micro-producer and the larger company infrastructure of BZAM Cannabis are an excellent pairing.

“We’ve been friends with BZAM for a long time and we’ve always been big fans of each other’s work, so it was high time we joined forces to become even stronger together,” says Dunn.

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He says BZAM has a large and experienced sales force that can reach stores in every province and create excitement. They also help with other parts of the industry that can prove challenging for smaller cannabis companies, such as payment times and waiting on funds from provinces.

“BZAM supports us with being able to process our products and commercialize them in a way that’s going to build brand awareness across the country,” says Dunn.

Meanwhile, Dunn helps BZAM with legacy learnings.

“We’re good producers, and we support them with genetics and ways of improving their current production method they already have going,” he says.

The two companies will also be working together on some unique offerings, including a new collab brand called ‘BZAM x Dunn,’ where they’ll partner with craft growers to bring limited releases to market that you can’t find elsewhere.