Grapes, garlic, and ganja? Kelowna farmer wants to grow green

Published on May 28, 2021 by The Daily Courier

Owners of an Ellison farm that produces grapes and garlic would like to grow cannabis as well.

Andre and Carole Patton hope to get zoning permission from the Central Okanagan Regional District to produce cannabis on their 10-acre property at 5631 Rittich Rd.

Cannabis production is permitted under provincial regulations on agricultural properties if it is done inside buildings that existed or were under construction by July 13, 2018.

But the Patton’s plans require an addition to an existing out-building and the entire site is less than the 20 acres usually required for cannabis-growing operations. As such approval by the regional district is necessary.

Assuming the board approves first reading on Monday, the matter will be forwarded to a future public hearing where interested members of the community can express their views on the plans.

The Pattons’ cannabis production plans must still also be approved by Health Canada.