Independent Retail Cannabis Collective plans to bulk buy

Published on September 7, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Inside Marigold's Cannabis, a private retailer in Vancouver's Gastown.

Promising discounts on cannabis and other weed retailer necessities, the Independent Retail Cannabis Collective announced its launch this week.

Retailers are “stronger together,” says the nationwide group.

Christina Michael, the IRCC’s spokeswoman, says the collective is working with LPs to secure discounts on different products, acting as a bridge between retailers and growers.

Michael is founder of Marigolds Cannabis, a private retailer in Vancouver’s Gastown.

“There’s only so much money to spend, so you have to be discerning in your selection,” she tells the oz. in an interview. “How do we actually service and sustain ourselves in the current landscape?”

The model is like bulk buying, and the more retailers signed up, she says, the more leverage they have to negotiate discounts. Michael says 80% of rebate dollars go back to retailers to spend as they please.

She says it will extend beyond just cannabis into other areas retailers require, such as POS systems and insurance.

There will also be professional development available.

The advisory board has members from all provinces that allow private retailers to operate, she says. Now the group is in the process of signing up members.

“The Independent Retail Cannabis Collective was created to provide independent retailers with new possibilities that increase sustainability, viability and profitability. We are pleased to offer a new platform for independent retailers to share business intelligence relating to products they choose to sell in their locations at their discretion,” said Nathan Mison, co-founder and chairman of the IRCC, in a news release from the collective.

“We acknowledge a vast majority of retail locations are owned and operated independently and our advisory board members represent the diversity of the industry. Our purpose is to level the playing field between independent retailers and larger organizations. We will advocate for changes that will allow us to be seen, heard and supported.”

Membership is free for all independent cannabis retailers across Canada. Eighty per cent of Canadian cannabis retail locations founded, says the group.

Those interested can join the collective by emailing Michael at [email protected].

Their social media is @IRCCollective.