Knick knack paddy whack give your dog a bong

Published on April 19, 2024 by David Wylie

Give your dog a bong? Or maybe this bud plushy. Photo: Contributed
A happy dog thoroughly enjoys his stuffed bud.

Ever wanted to give your dog a bong? A surprisingly large number of people do.

Dog company, BARK, has seen so much demand for cannabis-themed toys that they’ve brought back their 4/20-inspired pup paraphernalia for a fifth year in a row.

The company claims to hold the (unofficial) record for most dog toy versions of bongs sold.

“When we first launched 4/20 toys in 2020, there was instant excitement among dog parents, resulting in one of our biggest sales days ever—even surpassing the previous Black Friday with three times more sales,” says Dave Stangle, VP of Brand Marketing at BARK.

“Four years later, these toys are still some of our top sellers, with a weed-inspired toy or treat for every kind of dog and playstyle. We love dreaming up ways to tap into cultural moments and people’s obsessions to reach even more dogs and dog parents.”

The company is rolling out its 4/20-themed collection for their subscription boxes that contain toys and chews.

Weed themed toys for monthly subscribers include the plush ‘B-O-N-G-O’ and ‘Apple of My High’ dog toys. Rather than subscribing, there is also a Best Buds Bundle that has a toy and bandana.

The US company’s first launch of the 4/20-themed dog toys in 2020 saw them sell out in the first 24 hours.

Unfortunately, BARK doesn’t ship to Canada.