Medical cannabis improves anxiety disorder symptoms

Published on August 4, 2023 by David Wylie

Anxiety disorder can prevent people from going out and doing things. Photo: Adobe stock/the oz.
Cannabis can help people who suffer from anxiety disorders.

A new study shows cannabis significantly improves symptoms of anxiety disorders, including PTSD.

Symptoms treated include anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Cannabinoid formulations, such as CBD and THC, also improve their ability to participate in social functions.

A growing body of international evidence shows combinations of cannabinoids can improve quality-of-life outcomes.

Researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia were behind this latest study.

“Anxiety is a condition for which current treatments are often limited by adverse events,” says the abstract.

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Researchers analyzed outcomes of about 800 anxiety sufferers before and after cannabis treatment.

Median doses were 50mg CBD and 4.4mg THC per day. There was a significant improvement in symptoms and the ability to take part in social roles and activities.

The most common adverse effects reported were dry mouth (32.6%), somnolence (31.3%), and fatigue (18.5%). That varied with different cannabis formulations.

“The inclusion of THC in a formulation was significantly associated with experiencing gastrointestinal (adverse effects), specifically dry mouth and nausea,” according to researchers.