Pot patch tech is discreet

Published on March 3, 2019 by David Wylie

A Canadian company is about to become a global leader in one of the most discreet ways to dose through the day with cannabis.

Ontario-based Aphria has signed a worldwide license agreement with Manna Molecular Science to develop state-of-the-art cannabis transdermal patches.

Like a nicotine patch, it’s a private way to medicate – perfect for prescriptions or nervous fliers.

The transdermal patch has been developed by pharmaceutical scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It works for all cannabinoids and is designed to work with high-quality cannabis extracts. Each patch is free of latex and allergens and delivers the dose automatically through the skin over about 12 hours.

The patches come in 10-mg to 35-mg THC, THC/CBD, and CBD versions. Manna said it uses 3-D printer technology and will soon be able to offer significantly higher and varied doses.

Aphria will have exclusive preferred vendor status for a period of five years, and an exclusive license to produce, market, distribute, promote and sell Manna patches containing cannabis oil as an active ingredient.

The patches are virtually undetectable and go on under your clothes, have no cannabis smell, won’t give you red eyes, won’t get you too stoned, and are comfortable on the skin. Manna said users experience “a mild easy onset that lasts for hours and is safe to use day in and day out.”

They retail in the U.S. from $12.99 to $18.99.


“As we continue to expand its use from product to ingredient, we are excited to offer innovative new ways for consumers to interact with cannabis,” said Jakob Ripshtein, President of Aphria. “As a company at the forefront of cannabis innovation, Manna Molecular Science will be an important strategic partner for Aphria. Like us, they are committed to making safe, high-quality cannabis products available to a wide array of global consumers.”

“Manna is excited to be taking this monumental step with Aphria into becoming an internationally recognized brand. Aphria gives Manna the reach to distribute the Manna patch at a global level and share our principles of excellence in product design and manufacturing with the world outside the U.S.,” said Nial C. DeMena, Chief Executive Officer of Manna Molecular Science.

Will it make the Aphria stock soar?