Prohibition-era branding tells LowKey story

Published on July 22, 2022 by oz. staff

MTL Cannabis has added a new brand under its umbrella, called LowKey.

LowKey has two strains to offer out of the gate: Apple Fritter (Sour Apples x Animal Cookies) and Amnesia Haze (Haze x Landrace Sativas). They’re officially named ‘Dessert’ and ‘Haze.’

There’s a big niche in the market for eighths that ring in under $30. However, MTL is priced at about $35 an eighth, says Karim Rahill, sales director with the Montreal-based company. 

“We didn’t want to have MTL Cannabis with different price points; we wanted to keep the MTL brand always at that same price level,” he says. 

“We decided to come out with a brand where we could sell cannabis at under $30 an eighth. We’ve got some beautiful weed coming very soon.”

The new branding is intended to tell the story of prohibition, with feathers, shiny beads, and cocktail dresses.

“It’s our story. What we went through, and what we’re able to do today,” says Rahill.

“Before legalization we had to keep everything low key. We still enjoyed cannabis even if it wasn’t legalized, like back in the ’20s and ’30s when alcohol wasn’t legalized. 

“In prohibition, there were the tunnels, and you would get to a door, knock, and give a password. You’d be able to get in and have your party. Everything was low key.”

LowKey’s packaging is educational with visual info on it about terpenes.

Along with the cannabis company’s flagship Sage N’ Sour, MTL is about to release a new strain called Strawberry N’ Mintz, a high-THC Indica cross of Strawberry Guava and Kush Mints.

“It’s a beautiful flower,” says Rahill. “It smells like strawberry jam.”

It’s about 28% THC with 4% terpenes.