Q&A with Michael Adams of West Kelowna Spiritleaf

Published on May 13, 2022 by oz. staff

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Michael Adams, centre, owns Spiritleaf in West Kelowna. He's with Coast Mountain Cannabis' territory manager Mackenzie Satterfield-Greenhedge, left, and master grower Rob Balek


Get to know who’s who in the cannabis space. In a series of profiles, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of those in the community. Meet Michael Adams, who owns Spiritleaf in West Kelowna.


What drew you to the cannabis industry?

During my professional mixed martial arts career, cannabis played a big role in helping me get through the various injuries I sustained. When I approached retirement from my sport and with cannabis legalization around the corner, it was an exciting opportunity to jump into a new industry that I was already passionate about.

What do you enjoy most about it?

Other than the innovation and amazing products that come along with it, I would say the people and the culture are what I most enjoy about the industry.

What cannabis products do you most enjoy?

Personally, I’m a fan of BC craft cannabis, full spectrum vapes and sublinguals. Although, I do dabble in concentrates and edibles here and there.

What are you most proud of?

Even though the industry is still in its infancy, I’m proud that as a nation we have embraced and accepted cannabis into our society. I’m proud to be part of the Spiritleaf family and all the connections we have made with the guests that visit our store.

How can people connect with you?

My preferred method of contact is always face to face as I’m in the store full time, but there are a number digital channels such as Instagram, Facebook, email, and even a good old phone call.

What makes your store unique?

I’ve lived in West Kelowna the majority of my life, so having strong roots in the community and getting to know our guests personally is one thing that make us unique. We make customer service, product knowledge, and education as our number one priority. We create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone that walks into Spiritleaf West Kelowna.

What change would you like to see in the industry?

I would like to see some of the dosing limits removed on items such as edibles. I think BC has an opportunity to become a cannabis tourism destination, especially with our reputation for producing some of the best growers and products in the world. We just need the government to embrace it and give the industry the tools to make it a reality!

Photo: Contributed

What is your mission statement?

Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience with its own brand of high-quality products. We have created a modern retail model that offers legitimacy, reputability, professionalism and a feeling of confidence.

What are some of the most popular products at your store?

We have a large base of CBD customers and our full spectrum products are very popular. Gummies are top spot for edibles, and we are noticing the beverage category gaining popularity. Now that the industry has matured, we are seeing customers gravitate towards larger 28g dried flower formats. With how convenient vapour products are, they have definitely become a store favourite. No lighter, no ash, no smell, no problem!

Is there a charitable cause that you support?

We try to support charitable causes within our community as much as possible. We have donated to youth sports, our local food bank, and have also supported some of our customer’s fundraising initiatives.

Can you tell us a personal story the highlights why you do what you do?

The main reason I do what I do is really for the love of the plant. From my own experience as an athlete, cannabis was so beneficial throughout my career. I was able to substitute harmful opioids for cannabis when I was recovering from injuries and post-surgery.

Is there someone you really look up to you in the industry?

There isn’t one specific person. I respect all the trailblazers who fought and made personal sacrifices to make this plant legal for us to enjoy without fear of persecution. Much respect!

Is there a piece of art or a book that has inspired you when it comes to cannabis?

During my recovery phase from surgeries, I read a number of medical cannabis books that definitely inspired my love for the plant and the medicinal benefits it provides.

Do you have a favourite news site, blog, podcast, or other media that people should check out?

The oz. of course! The team over at Sessions entertainment creates content to highlight cannabis producers, industry leaders, and some very entertaining product reviews.

What inspired you to get into cannabis?

Definitely the love for the plant. When you believe in something it’s easy to be inspired.

How would you define stoner culture?

I think the term stoner once meant someone who over-consumed and prioritized consumption over everything else. I believe the new more progressive term “cannabisseur” defines the cannabis consumer who uses cannabis to elevate everything from creativity, social interactions, and self-care. Some of the most successful people I’ve met are regular cannabis users.

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