Seth Rogen’s Houseplant launches in US

Published on March 1, 2021 by oz. staff

Houseplant is launching in California, bringing Seth Rogen’s Canadian-born weed brand across the border.

The Vancouver actor made the announcement Monday to his 9.1 million followers on Twitter.

“This is honestly my life’s work and I’ve never been more excited about anything,” he says.


“If you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume it’s that I really love weed,” says Rogen. “We’re bringing you the best strain of weed that have been handpicked—by that I mean hand-smoked by me.”

The Indica and Sativa strains will come in orange and purple and orange tins.

Rogen announced Houseplant, which is under the umbrella of Canopy Growth, will be making accessories for weed smokers, too, called House Goods. As an example, Rogen showed off a big table lighter, about the size of a stapler, that has an ashtray as a lid.

“I lose my lighters all the fuckin’ time, but no more, because this dude is hard to lose.”

Typical of the weird mazes of red tape cannabis companies navigate, the company has three different social media accounts: Houseplant Canada, Houseplant for accessories, and Houseplant US.

Rogen showed off one of the strains set to launch across the border: Pancake Ice sativa. He says its the strain he smokes all day, and it’s over 33% THC.

Like the Canadian launch, Houseplant made vinyls with a different mix of songs for each strain.