The weed must go on!

Published on February 12, 2021 by oz. staff

Our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed.

Volume 1, Issue 2 of the oz. magazine is now available!

This is the only Okanagan-produced magazine about legal cannabis. The first edition came out just over a year ago in a limited print and the reception was highly positive. Further issues were delayed when the world was turned upside down by a global pandemic.

The weed must go on! Thousands of copies of the oz. will be soon available for free at select cannabis retailers in BC, Ontario and Alberta.

“There are so many stories to tell about cannabis,” says David Wylie, publisher of the oz.

“The market is fresh and rooting. Products are constantly evolving. People you never thought would dabble in doobies are, in fact, a little more green than you would have guessed. Getting the word out about legal weed is a dream job.”

“Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us throughout our more than two years of covering the industry through our website, regular newsletters, and more recently our podcast.”

The digital version is available here.

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