Valens to make No. 1 selling LivRelief topicals

Published on July 30, 2021 by oz. staff

The Valens Company has signed a two-year agreement with Harvest One to become the white label manufacturer and provincial sales partner of cannabis-infused topicals for their leading brand LivRelief.

LivRelief products launched in 2020, and has become the No. 1 selling cannabis-infused topical brand in Ontario. The topical creams use a proprietary transdermal delivery system that allows cannabinoids to reach targeted areas and is designed for deep penetration.

They have multiple formats, including a CBD-only formulation that has 250mg of CBD, a 1:1 formulation with 125mg of THC and 125 mg of CBD, and an extra-strength CBD formulation containing 750mg of CBD.

All will be manufactured and distributed across Canada by Valens.

The first shipments out of the Valens facilities are expected later this year.

Valens CEO Tyler Robson says LivRelief topicals took years of research and innovation to develop.

“Valens already manufactures the number one selling bath product in Ontario and now adds the No. 1 selling cannabis-infused topical brand to its portfolio, making it a clear leader in both the topicals and health and wellness verticals in Canada,” he says.

President and CEO of Harvest One Gord Davey says the partnership with Valens will accelerate national and global growth opportunities.

“Our innovative infused topical with its effective and differentiated delivery system has resonated very well with consumers and established itself as a leader in the infused topicals category,” says Davey.