Verse offers first crumble through Shoppers Drug Mart

Published on March 18, 2021 by oz. staff

Verse Crumble will be offered through Shopper's Drug Mart's medical cannabis portal.

The Valens Company will make the very first crumble product to be offered through Shoppers Drug Mart.

Verse Crumble will be one of the few concentrates available through the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers platform, announced Kelowna-based Valens.

The honeycomb-like crumble is derived from an indica-dominant White Rhino strain, with pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene terpenes that create a fruity and piney aroma. It’s extracted with Valens’ proprietary hydrocarbon method.

Shoppers is also adding Verse Originals vape cartridges, including Tropic Lemon, Summer Berry, Mandarin Mint, and Sunset Peach.

Verse stands out in Canadian cannabis

Valens CEO and co-founder Tyler Robson says the Shoppers rollout shows the strategic value that Valens strives to bring its partners through its distribution network and quality.

“Since launching last year, Verse Cannabis’ products have stood out in the Canadian recreational market for their quality and price point despite only being available at select provincial retailers,” says Robson.

“Offering these popular products through a national cannabis retail platform like Medical Cannabis by Shoppers gives patients across the country increased accessibility to our partner’s differentiated product offerings.”

Valens and Verse expect to launch more formats on the platform, including soft chews and pre-rolls.