Acai Retreat by Field Trip

Published on September 30, 2021 by Jenny Neufeld

Acai Retreat by Field Trip

This little bottle holds a bright burst of fruity flavour with the chill effects of CBD.

The Acai Retreat juice shot’s yellow-coloured label is the perfect way to encapsulate the sunny feelings this 60ml drink invoked for me. With 20mg of CBD and a 2mg hint of THC, this hit the spot after a long day at work to wind down at home.

While the dusty rose colour of the juice itself beautifully set up the flavour expectations. I enjoyed its tart sweetness that was almost citrusy, though definitely berry filled. 

According to the ingredient list, the beverage includes a combination of pear, pomegranate and cranberry concentrates along with a cannabis emulsion (of course) and natural flavours – including acai. The ‘Acai Retreat’ name is pretty accurate when considering the flavour as I felt the acai was hiding behind the cranberry.

The cannabis was also hiding in this one though I did note a smidge of bitterness. However, certainly not enough to make the drinking experience enjoyable. In fact, I wished the bottle was a little bigger, as the bottom of the bottle came about all too quickly.