Ace Valley Sativa by Flowr

Published on November 22, 2018 by David Wylie

This is an energetic strain. Grown and hand-harvested in the Okanagan Valley, the buds are tight and packed with stickiness. It’s a nice break from others that have been powder dry. It has a traditional look, smell and taste, with hints of vanilla.

Smoked in a joint, it burnt very clean. The ash was almost completely white. I got a very cerebral high off this one. It’s a good high to watch movies, or play video games with.

– J.B., the oz.

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I loved the vanilla taste. And it was super smooth. I don’t smoke a lot of joints because it makes me cough but this was very easy on the lungs. The high was super fun, too.

– blaaaaa16

I was super interested in trying Ace Valley and in some ways had high expectations. The product did not disappoint. This is the perfect product for after work when you just want to wind down and chill.

– Kushlord

Smoked some last weekend with friends before hitting the town. Rarely can I smoke and be in a place to socialize but this sativa worked – just ordered some more. Can’t wait!

– bjames00

It’s out of stock, but comparable to:

Ace Valley Sativa Pre-roll

Flowr’s N-ice Dream (Ice Cream) is a smooth and creamy indica-dominant hybrid with hints of pine, vanilla and earthy undertones. Flowr’s N-ice Dream is craft-grown in BC and hand-trimmed to emphasize the bright green fluffy flower and frosty white trichomes.