Assorted cannabis ‘beers’ by Bedfellows

Published on July 21, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Those who enjoy craft beer will appreciate Bedfellows.

The cannabis-infused ‘beer’ line produced by Hexo has three entries now: Sour Razpaartner, Haus Mates, and Indie Pals.

Hexo has also released Mollo and Mollo Lime, which taste more along the lines of mass produced beers. Bedfellows are meant to mimic craft beers.

Here’s what I thought of each:

Sour Razpaartner — 10mg THC, 2mg CBD

This was my favourite of the three.

The Sour Razpaartner smells and tastes fruity. It packs a great sour bite, and is spot on for a balanced, well-crafted sour beer.

In fact, I had a sour from a local craft brewery that tasted very similar.

After a few sips, there is a hint of the cannabis taste, but not enough to detract from the experience.

It has a lovely ruddy hue.

Haus Mates — 7.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD

A Helles-style, the Hause Mates is light, easy drinking. You could knock a few of these back no problem.

This one tastes more like non-alcoholic beer than the real stuff, but is relatively on point flavour-wise.

This is the only one of the three that has a 3:1 THC-CBD ratio.

It has a hazy yellow colour, while a traditional Helles is more pale.

Indie Pals — 10mg THC, 2mg CBD

The Indie Pals entry is supposed to be an IPA-style drink.

For me, this one most missed the mark on flavour; but hat’s not to say it tastes bad—it just doesn’t have that punch-to-the-mouth biting kind of oomph I prefer from this style of beer.

It’s also lacking any citrusy flavour found in a lot of traditional IPAs.

The Indie Pals does have a nice fullness to it, whereas the other two are on the lighter side.

The hazy colour gives it a nice IPA look.

In conclusion, these are a great entry into the cannabis beverage category, and they show that cannabis ‘beers’ can be done—and done well.