Green Crush by 48North

Published on February 4, 2021 by oz. staff

Unfortunately this eighth was as about as pretty as its package.

48North’s Green Crush came in a homely brown envelope and the bud inside was flat, broken and inconsistent.

Some of the nicer bits of flower—a potent 24% THC Sativa—were frosty and bright. Others were leafy and almost black in parts.

The smell is citrusy. It gives a tickle to the throat when smoked. Vaping is a smoother experience.

The one thing about this Green Crack strain that stands out are the sparkly crusts.

While the fragile packaging is less waste than a container, it doesn’t afford much protection for the delicate product inside. Those trying to be more environmentally conscious shouldn’t have to suffer beat up buds.

Overall, this would have been decent for a value-priced product. It doesn’t even come close to other better mid-priced offerings available.

Not a repeat purchase.