Moonbeam by Tweed

Published on December 5, 2018 by David Wylie

It smells like grandpa’s coat.

But you know what? Imma wear it.

Tweed’s Moonbeam indica is a metaphorical furry leopard print hooded coat that you bought from Value Village and wore to the club.

It’s the Thrift Shop of cannabis.

What’s that smell?

This strain is like a strange homage to Tweed, the company that produces it – because honestly, it smells like a musty tweed jacket. And fits like one.

The smell and taste have been politely described as earthy.

Still, Moonbeam is that pair of jeans you found at the thrift store that you wear every day because they feel like they were made just for the shape of your ass. Like a worn-in pair of gator shoes and a furry mink coat (though it smells a bit like R. Kelly’s sheets.)

A potent indica, Moonbeam is curated by S, N, double O, P himself, under the label of Leaves by Snoop (LBS).

It’s long lasting and calming.

Would definitely buy again.

Four stars.


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