Orange Tingz by Pistol and Paris

Published on September 3, 2021 by David Wylie

Pistol and Paris Orange Tingz
Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

The sweet aroma of two large sticky buds was lovely on the nose when opening Orange Tingz by Pistol and Paris.

One of my favourite offerings thus far has been Tangerine Dream—Orange Tingz is like a danker version of that consistently popular strain.

The high hits hard and fast, with 24.6% THC and 3.1% terpenes.

This Orange Tingz is a hybrid, a cross between Slurricane and TMAC. It’s high in Limonene (0.77), Trans-Caryophyllene (0.50) and Ocimene (0.49).

The moisture is also listed, at 10.6%.

This is quality stuff.

Originally bred by Mother Labs, it’s grown in Summerland by JBuds.

JBuds Craft Cannabis is an Indigenous owned and operated micro license holder. The family-run farm has 750 sq. ft. grow rooms in an indoor facility that can house 504 plants per room.