Quatreau by Tweed

Published on January 6, 2021 by oz. staff

We tried all four flavours of Quatreau, cannabis-infused sparkling water.

Overall throughout our flight of drinks, we liked this Tweed brand’s first offerings. They come in two formats – CBD (20 mg) as well as THC/CBD 1:1 (2 mg).

The two THC drinks were the best tasting to us, as the CBD ones were a little bitter.

Quick thoughts:

  1. First, we tried cucumber + mint; the smell is bang on and the taste is alright.
  2. Next we tried ginger + lime, which is reminiscent of a Moscow Mule.
  3. Third, passion fruit + guava; not great – our least favourite of the four.
  4. Ending with Blueberry + Acai, an excellent berry finish. Yum.

We discussed the drinks as we tasted during Episode 1 of our podcast, By The Ounce.