Tasting notes: Washington Bud, Sky High

Published on January 24, 2019 by Special to the oz.

Here are a few thoughts from our readers on strains they’ve tried. Email your cannabis tasting notes to [email protected].

Washington Bud Co., Sky High

Purple sour diesel (pictured) from Washington Bud company is just bomb. Great high at moderate use; overdo it, and plan and on sleeping a while. Great smell and high THC levels.

Pineapple Chunk by Sky High is becoming my favourite strain. Just a great high and it gets me in a great working mode. Night time, it’s the best for relaxing and for sleep aid. Great taste, dense buds high, THC levels.

– RM

Tweed, Liiv

Moonbeam by Tweed, you notice a dirt taste. I get a sense that a took some dirt and stuck it in my mouth. It’s a nice buzz, and the head stone comes on fast.

Kinky Kush from Liiv, the effect is pleasing, a good sense of well being. It makes you want to go listen to music. Strong terpene profile.

– GJ

Broken Coast, Liiv

When I popped the seal on Broken Coast’s Gabriola and took a whiff, I knew this was special. The buds are dense and sticky. It’s a nice heavy indica high that settles on you like a blanket.

Kinky Kush from Liiv, at $6.99 a gram this stuff’s a bargain. It was a bit crispy. Once crumbled, the dry bud rolled up well and burned nice and slow. Makes you sleepy.

– DW

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