White Shark by WeedMD

Published on June 14, 2019 by David Wylie

I’ve been excited to try something by WeedMD since photos of nice buds alongside good reviews began popping up in Ontario, where they’ve had access for a while to a variety of the LP’s product.

White Shark recently became available in BC, and WeedMD has since added a couple more products under its brand name, Color Cannabis.

Out of the simple packaging, White Shark feels nice and spongy. The 3.5-gram order didn’t have the prettiest buds, but they were decently sized and smelled of sweet pine.

White Shark has bite. You feel the high in your face and chest. It’s a good example of a mid-potency product (16% THC) that punches up. We’ve heard among retailers and educators that the effect is not just influenced by the THC percentage. Terpenes also play a key role in the flavour, aroma and effect.

It smokes smoothly, but can trigger a tickle in the throat.

The official description from the BC Cannabis Store:
“White Shark is a sativa-dominant strain that is a cross between Super Skunk, Brazilian, and South Indian. Super Skunk is an indica-dominant strain, while Brazilian and South Indian are sativa-dominant. White Shark shows characteristics from both a sativa and an indica. The flowers are dense, light green and have subtle golden hues. The aroma consists of notes of pine, lemon and complementary grape undertones.”