Weekly newsletter from February 3

Published on February 3, 2023 by oz. staff


Part 4/4 on how to read cannabis labels as the series wraps up with a look at minor cannabinoids. PLUS, Stay at Seth Rogen’s Airbnb. AND, chocolate 🌛

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Here are the week’s Quick Hits, Newswire, and Dad Jokes…

Quick Hits

🙅‍♀️ They’re ‘lozenges’: Pot producers find a creative way around THC limits for gummies — and Health Canada is not amused (Toronto Star)

👾 Gamification: Augmented reality cannabis shopping platform WEEDAR raises $3M (The Growth Op)

😈 Outlier? What little cannabis play is proving everyone wrong… spoiler, it’s Avant Brands (Equity Guru)

🍬 Unregulated candy: RCMP investigate after 7 children consume cannabis candies at Sackville school (CBC)

🎆 It’s no LBS: Here’s what Snoop Dogg’s weed looks like in the States. (Leafly)


Highland Cannabis and Other Retailers Demand Ontario Government Start Enforcing Anti-Kickback Rules to Level Playing Field for Small Businesses

Avant Brands’ Subsidiary GreenTec Holdings Completes Acquisition of 3PL Ventures

High Tide Releases Audited 2022 Financial Results Featuring Record Fourth Quarter Revenue of $108.2 Million

Nextleaf Announces Fiscal 2022 Results and Provides Commentary

Alberta Labour Relations Board rules in favour of Teamsters Local 987 regarding unfair labour practices filed against Sundial Growers Inc.

Dad Jokes

So there I was this morning, sitting and drinking coffee in my slippers, and I thought to myself… I’ll have to start cleaning a few cups around here.

The man who invented auto correct walks into a barn. Then he orders a bear.

You can tell the sex of an ant by dropping it in water—if it sinks, girl ant; if it floats, buoyant.