Serving pot at your party

Published on December 11, 2018 by David Wylie

Looking to spread some Christmas cheer by passing pot around at your Christmas party?

Consider serving something high in CBD and low in THC to keep people from getting too high.

Using low-THC products that have more than four percent CBD may help avoid or lessen intoxication, according to the BC Cannabis Store.

“Certain evidence suggests that CBD may mitigate some of the intoxicating effects of THC on the mind, when it is consumed in cannabis that has a higher ratio of CBD to THC.”

“Unlike THC, CBD does not produce an intoxication, and may give a number of people a relaxing, calming effect.”

Similar to alcohol by volume (ABV) on a bottle of booze, the percentages of THC and CBD can be used to predict the potency of each strain.

The percentages are listed on the packaging. Moon, by Up Cannabis Inc., for example, is listed at 4-8% THC and 7-12.5% CBD.

“Although CBD is not thought to provide the ‘high’ you may have come to expect from cannabis, it is still considered to be psychoactive and may modify brain function and potentially result in changes in mood and perception,” says the store.

“When used alongside THC, you may still experience mild euphoria.”

No matter what cannabis strains you use, take extra care if you do mix cannabis with alcohol or other substances.

And don’t drive high.

5 tips to have a classy cannabis Christmas party

• If you’re serving edibles, make sure they’re clearly marked. We’ve heard more than one story about a guest getting into the wrong tray of brownies.

• Set up an organized station where people can choose different cannabis strains and different ways to partake.

• Have a designated spot for smoking and vaping that’s away from non-smokers.

• Don’t light candles. Intoxication and fire is generally a bad mix.

• Be careful about offering your guests both alcohol and cannabis; our advice at the oz. is to pick one or the other to limit people from becoming too spirited.

If you’re attending a party and want to bring the host a little something, we have a gift guide that might inspire.

Check out these party hosting tips from Starbuds Canada.

What good host!

Reddit user thenixnerd shared a photo of a cannabis tray he put out for his holiday party guests.

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What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis.  It is generally found in low percentages in most strains, but its effects are more pronounced when found in quantities above four percent. High-CBD strains of cannabis are generally considered to be less intoxicating and high percentages of CBD may counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.