Cannabis for a sensual Valentine’s

Published on February 12, 2021 by Katerina Bakalos

Photo: Xposed Moments Photography

“ALEXA! Play ‘Turn your lights down low’ by Bob Marley.”

Imagine floating on a cloud of bliss, with your mind completely present, in control, and at ease. The cannabinoids are flowing through your endocannabinoid system so effortlessly and melodic. It’s the little fairy that makes you want to turn the lights down and get into the mood and make some good, good-loving.

It’s no secret couples have been enjoying an elevated experience during sex under the influence of cannabis for quite some time, but how does cannabis affect sex? Cannabis is a vasodilator (meaning it opens blood vessels and increases blood flow). It has direct effects on the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and nerve pathways that are involved in perceiving pleasure. It can bring you into the present moment and improve the sensation of touch. At its best, it can help give you the biggest orgasm of your life. After being open for business for over a year and endless product options for consumers, we have collected feedback on the most popular items that can spice up your love life.

Brand new to the market, Being’s 10mg CBD and 10mg THC Oral Strips deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream in five minutes, bypassing the digestive system. It lasts two to four hours. It’s sugar-free, smoke-free, discreet, and precise. I was amazed just how quickly the wave of happiness came on with the CBD strip. I was relaxed, clear, and pain-free, creating a calm space to set the mood. The 10mg THC strip gives off a heck of a quick blast of adrenaline that’ll surely have you and your partner turning things up! These could very well be the best products to try this Valentine’s Day.

When used topically, CBD and THC promote increased blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure. 48North has released organic and biodynamic products such as Body-Oil, and an Extra Strength cream.

Argyle capsules by Tweed gained a loyal clientele this past year. Young to older demographics of people leaned toward it for a relaxing, attractive high best suited for intimacy. Its low dose of just 3mg of CBD to 2.5mg THC is the perfect ratio to feel comfortable the entire time.

OK, let’s talk strains! When it comes to terpenes, for example, if you want to be clear and focused, look to pinene. If you are wanting something more relaxed and sedating, myrcene or linalool, with limonene being more euphoric, creative. To each his own when it comes to preferences on terpenes and bud heritage—BUT, the more you ask around, you’ll find people are pretty happy to share their secrets to success.

Here is a list of Green Gaia‘s top strains to get into the mood quickly.

For beginners looking to smoke but wish not to get a buzz, try Pure Sun CBD by Pure Sunfarms for a sense of bliss and balance.

Blue Dream by Spinach: A Sativa-dominant hybrid with its pleasant high makes it a ubiquitous strain for experienced cannabis consumers and beginners alike. Because you can expect a long-lasting high from Blue Dream, it’s great for a second-round energy boost or an extended period of foreplay.

Purple Clementine by Top leaf: A Sativa-hybrid cross between Purple Punch and Clementine that is high in anxiety-curbing caryophyllene, and uplifting pinene. Known for slowing down the brain and getting present and relaxed in the body. It is perfect for a longer, more sensual experience.

Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics: An Indica dominant strain known for its strong pain relief benefits. Forget Viagra. This strain will give you superpowers you didn’t know you had.

Katerina Bakalos is owner/operator of Green Gaia Cannabis Co., with locations in Penticton and Summerland. Follow her on Instagram and find out more about the stores at green-gaia.ca.