Cannabis seeds popping up in retail stores

Published on February 2, 2024 by David Wylie

Cannabis seeds are pictured Photo: Contributed
Weathered Island Craft Cannabis Texada Coastal multipack of seeds.

Cannabis seeds are starting to pop up in stores and that means it’s a good time to start planning what you’re planting outdoors.

Aside from the fruits of your labour, growing your own is a rewarding experience if you enjoy caring for plants. Cannabis is a hardy plant that can grow even in challenging conditions. As the saying goes, it’s not called ‘weed’ for nothing.

March is generally when people start popping their seeds, so now’s the time to start gathering what you need.

There’s a good selection of seeds this year, with different varieties available in different parts of the country.

Cannabis seeds in British Columbia

In BC, there’s a handful of classic cultivars available from 34 Street Seed Co, including Pink Kush, Bubba Kush, AK-47, Acapulco Gold, Super Lemon Haze, They’re each about $33.

Located on B.C.’s Texada Island, Weathered Island Craft Cannabis has a couple of multipacks available, including their Texada Coastal pack and their Timewarp pack. They cost about $25.

If you’d rather grow a plant for CBD instead of THC, HomeGrow with Freedom has Painted Lady CBD Seeds, it’s a balanced cross of AC/DC and Otto 2 Franklin. There are five in the pack, and they cost about $33.

Cannabis seeds in Ontario

In Ontario, seeds are more expensive.

34 Street Seed Co has some different seeds available than in BC, including Kush Cookies and Bubba Kush. The cost about $55.

Humboldt Seed Company has a five-pack of Magic Melon Seeds available. The grower is located in Westwold in the BC Interior, just west of Armstrong.

There’s also a CBD option from HCBD, which has a durable, large flowering plant suited for Canadian climate called CBD Therapy Starter Seeds. It sells for about $20.

They are all packs of five.

Cannabis seeds in New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, 34 Street Seed Co again dominates the cannabis seed market. The Edmonton-based company has more than a dozen kinds of seeds available, including Mango CBD 1:1, Garlic Cookies, and Double Chocolate X.

ECO N.B. Proudly Grown has Sunset and Maximus seeds.

They’re all about $55 for five.