Canadian company developing ‘odourless’ weed

Published on February 18, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Cannabis that doesn't smell would make smoking weed a lot less stressful for people in apartments.

Not everyone likes the smell of weed… just ask anyone who rents or manages a property.

“We have significant problems with respect to the odour of cannabis products on our properties,” says Sam, a property manager located in Ontario. “Since cannabis legislation in Canada, we have fielded increasing complaints from tenants that find the odour offensive.”

CannabCo is working on a solution to that problem. The Brampton, Ont., based cannabis company is working on producing cannabis that doesn’t stink, aka “odourless” weed.

Many property management companies have banned smoking pot on managed properties. However, that raises a question of rights.

A sign telling people not to smoke cannabis Photo: Contributed
Those who have rented a condo or apartment have likely seen a similar sign.

It’s a “no-win” for management, says Sam.

“In addition to the problem of cannabis odour, we now faced complaints from the smokers that they had a right to take their medication in the comfort of their own homes. Both groups were of the opinion their rights were being subverted.”

CannabCo, says Sam as well as others in the field, have endorsed Odourless Cannabis.

“Recently the technology has been successfully applied to the tobacco and hemp industries successfully producing representative odourless products unrelated to the cannabis industry,” says CannabCo’s CEO Mark Pellicane.

The company says it’s also working on other cannabis strains and “innovative first to market products,” developed with undisclosed technology and grow partner.

CannabCo has received its “confirmation of readiness” from Health Canada to become a licensed producer and is currently building out its pilot facility in the Brampton area.

The company says it will release more information soon.