O Cannada! 5 ways to get patriotically high

Published on July 1, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Adobe/the oz.
Cannabis and Canadiana go hand in hand.

There are a lot of things to love about Canada.

One of my favourite things is that we have legal weed. In celebration of Canada Day (and another Canadian summer), here are five ideas for getting patriotically high.

Enjoy Northern Lights

Back in the day everyone wanted Northern Lights and much of it purportedly came from British Columbia. (Fun fact, it’s the first legal weed I bought.) It’s a classic Indica known for its couch-lock effect. Also think about dabbling in some classic Canadian cultivars, including Jean Guy (from Quebec) and BC God Bud (from Vancouver Island).

Beers in the backyard

Well, beer is supposed to give you a pot belly. Bedfellows does a good job of tasting like craft beer. There are currently three types Sour Razpaartner (a sour), Indie Pals (an IPA) and Haus Mates (a helles-style). If you like beer that tastes more along the lines of a Canadian, then a Mollo may be more your speed. There is also Mollo Lime, if you’re into that sort of thing. They’re all great for backyard sipping.

We actually call it “pop” here

If you’d rather drink pop while lounging around, try Keef’s drinks—even though they call it “soda.” Keef has three different varieties in its classic soda line, including Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, and Orange Kush. Sweet Justice makes a couple great Coke/Pepsi-type drinks, both its OG Cola and its cherry flavour are tasty.

Close up of people frying marshmallow in forest

The great outdoors

Camping and campfires are part of many Canadian summers. What goes better with sitting around a campfire than S’mores? Back Forty delivers a S’Mores chocolate that is legit. The chocolate smells like it’s been roasted over a fire. It has a smoky marshmallow chocolate taste that brings back memories. The chocolate itself is shaped like a coin with a maple leaf on it.

A crate of freshly picked peaches

Fresh fruit from the stand

One of summer’s most delicious benefits is fresh fruit from local orchards. There are a some cannabis gummies that translate those flavours well. White Rabbit’s Craft Sour Peach gummies are true-to-the-peach flavour. The BC-based company makes edibles that are more elevated than others that have the taste and texture of candy.