OG Cola by Sweet Justice

Published on August 27, 2021 by David Wylie

This is the cannabis cola I’ve been waiting for since legalization.

Close your eyes and imagine cracking open a can of Coke then taking a gulp… that’s what you get with OG Cola by Sweet Justice.

Taste, carbonation, and colour are all on point. The logo is eye catching on the rust-colour can.

There’s 355ml inside, with 25 grams of sugar.

My main criticism is that about half the cans I’ve gotten so far have the duty sticker close to, and in some cases right under, the opening—so your lips touch the sticker when you sip. A little more care could go into how they are placed.

OG Colas contain 3.5 mg of THC per can, so depending on your tolerance, it may just be a nice accompaniment to a joint or vape. I have a lower tolerance with edibles and found the mix of THC and sugar definitely had an effect, which kicked in quickly.

This is already a repeat buy for me.

The cans have the equivalent to 5.1 g of dried cannabis, which means you can buy five at a time.