Flying High in Issue 5

Published on December 23, 2021 by oz. staff

Here’s the digital version of Issue 5.

You can also find print copies for free in cannabis stores throughout Canada. Get them while you can!

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It feels like the end of an era! Issue 5 is the last print magazine in Volume 1 of the oz.

Thanks for coming along for the ride so far; and it’s about to get more fun, as Volume 2 starts up in 2022!

In Volume 1, Issue 5, Simon Gerard takes a helicopter ride with Pistol and Paris. The BC-based brand features weed from some of the best growers in the province, including JBuds and Verte West. Simon flew along with founder, Dylan King, in the Pistol and Paris helicopter for the interview.

Plus, many of you have likely opened a can of cannabis from NitroTin; David Wylie and Mason Klein take you inside the company and how they are changing the game through automation.

And, BC is the best place on Earth to grow weed. David Brown spoke to several outdoor LPs in BC who have been finding their niche in a busy landscape.

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