High-class accessories

Published on December 5, 2019 by Special to the oz.

By Lauren Edwards

Anyone can get high, but it takes chic accessories to look cool while doing it. As the holidays come around the corner, here are 11 items to roll into the new year with style.

Cannabis artwork
Having a piece of artwork is a unique way to spruce up space and show your cannabis enjoyment artistically. As great as massive electric green and neon signs with cannabis plants, 420 and Bob Marley are, perhaps subtle additions are the way to go. Mixing aesthetics, like this small Urban Outfitters collection described as a “minimalist, elevated look,” is one example.

Spiritleaf bongs
Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience with its brand of high-quality products. A stylish, clear mid-sized bong with minimal branding is a great approach. Featuring an ice catcher, this one is great if you prefer (or want to try) colder hits.

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps
Flavoured papers are a good alternative to avoid the harsh tastes associated with smoking tobacco. While there are various types of papers — to be blunt — Juicy Jay wraps are organic hemp, tobacco-free and offer a multitude of fruit flavours.

Love + Destroy psychedelia candle
The perfect home add-on for Indica-induced relaxation sessions. When lit, the candle emits a luminous rainbow light and ambiance. It’s a hand-poured 9-ounce candle made of 100% soy wax and every scent is phthalate-free with a burn time of 40-50 hours. This accessory comes in two scents, oakmoss basil and lavender sage.

Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit
Arguably the best beginner’s kit a person could have. The Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit (pictured above) comes with all of the essentials including a grinder card, rolling papers, cardboard rolling tray, metal poker, and a storage spot–all fitted into a regular-sized cigarette box. Meant to fit inside of a backpack, laptop bag or purse, the compact and organized tool kit suits any busy cannabis user.

Calla multi-tool


Van der Pop Calla Multi-Tool
It’s a two-piece set to easily roll joints and built with compatibility in mind. For the rolling process, wrap your paper around the silver barrel — lick and seal — and use the big end to scoop your cannabis into the cone. Next, you can use the rose gold poker to pack it down and then your joint is ready. The poker can be used as a dab, making it a multi-purpose set.

OHAI Ring Joint Holder
This nifty tool is for people who don’t like to get residue or smell on their fingers from holding a joint or cigarettes. To use it, slip the ring over a finger and its top pinches together to hold the item. An OHAI ring holder is also handy for people who smoke for extended periods and don’t want discolouration on their fingers.

Village Bloomery Cannabis Leaf Teacup
A teacup is the most “posh” thing that could be on this list. The marble pattern creates versatility while the gold accents give a bit of elegance to what could have been a tacky item. Whether you prefer to showcase cannabis consumption in a classy way or not, this would be a fun gift for someone who drinks CBD oil teas or lattes.

Dewbie Stone from Evergreen Cannabis
Vancouver’s first licensed retail cannabis store carries “Dewbie Stones,” which revive dehydrated buds and keep stashes fresh. Simply soak the stone in water, place it next to the cannabis in a sealed container and wait five to 10 minutes. The stone can be easily cleaned and helps preserve aromas and flavours.

Shark pipes


Unique Pipes from Buddha Barn
A different way to consume cannabis is to smoke it through a hammerhead shark or ice cream cone. These silicone pipes are ideal for people on the go and give an eccentric flare next to your normal blown glass pipe.

Buddies Grinder Brush
One of the most important things to keep in mind while maintaining your equipment is cleaning the grinder. Having a brush on hand not only makes for a quick fix, if there’s enough leftover, you could also pack another bowl for later.

Lauren Edwards is a freelance writer pursuing full-time studies in BCIT’s Journalism program. Although she enjoys the city, she misses the Okanagan wines and sunny weather. You can follow her on instagram @laurenedwds or on LinkedIn at linked.com/in/laurentedwards.