Is cannabis normal yet?

Published on October 1, 2020 by David Wylie

It’s been about two years since the first Canadian walked into a licensed shop and bought pot.

Often we hear the refrain to ‘normalize cannabis.’

So, is it normal yet?

Here are seven positive signs:

1. Cannabis companies are being formally recognized as important local employers, and are included in awards from local chambers of commerce.

2. The pandemic has officially determined cannabis to be essential.

3. In most places, brick and mortar stores carry a veritable cornucopia of cannabis. It comes in the traditional form of flower and a mish mash of ways to partake, which is part of the fun.

4. We don’t have to hide it from people. We don’t have to fear arrest for it. We can grow it among our fruits and vegetables.

5. Canada is a global leader. Compared to the states, where the war on drugs is still being fought on many fronts, Canada is the true north strong and free.

6. We can dispel many myths. Fact: legalization won’t increase car crashes. Fact: pot heads aren’t all lazy slobs. And fact: reefer madness isn’t real.

7. University research is abundant. One study out of Alberta even shows evidence that cannabis can prevent COVID-19. There is research happening all over the country at prestigious universities.

While this is all great progress, there are lots of other ways cannabis needs to become more normal in Canada. Advertising laws should loosen to become more in line with alcohol. Cannabis companies should have easier access to banking and credit. Efforts should continue to transition illicit to legal.

This is part of our ongoing coverage of the second anniversary of legal cannabis in Canada.

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