No. 3: The world’s biggest ever legal outdoor crop

Published on December 29, 2020 by oz. staff

A Speakeasy worker stands next to one of the massive plants on the cannabis plantation's 60 acres.

A BC cannabis company harvested the largest ever legal outdoor cannabis crop.

Speakeasy Cannabis harvested 60 acres of plants this fall at its operation in Rock Creek, located close to the US border.

Speakeasy founder Marc Geen said the previous record was 40 acres in Colorado.

He said the weather this year was perfect for growing weed — plenty of blue sky and hot weather, with no rain for 65 days.

“What I had imagined for years finally came true and was more  spectacular and amazing than I had pictured,” said Geen.

“It is difficult, if not impossible to describe what standing in the middle of 60 acres of blooming, fragrant cannabis plants is actually like. Everywhere you look, big healthy crystal covered buds, the fruity pungent aroma hanging thick in  the air, the satisfaction of seeing the results of so much work, I wish you all could have walked through.”

The harvest yielded more than 72,000 kilograms of dried, fresh frozen and biomass, which will be packaged as flower and turned into extracts at Speakeasy’s production facility.

The biggest benefit of outdoor growing is the much lower cost.

Speakeasy finished their harvest one day before a heavy snowfall that hit much earlier than usual.

“2020 has thrown many things at us, the latest was snow and  freezing weather that broke all records in the area dating back to 1886 when they began keeping  records here. Thankfully, we completed the harvest with 24 hours to spare.” said Geen.

“We have all been through so  much this year, here’s to 2021 being a break-out year for us all.”

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Updated with further details of harvest.