No. 5: Cannabis 2.0 becomes widely available

Published on December 26, 2020 by oz. staff

An assortment of flavoured gummies from Wana are pictured. Cannabis 2.0 products are becoming available in greater variety. Photo: Spiritleaf Vernon

Chocolates, gummies, teas, sparkling water, mints, powders, snack bars, vapes, hash, shatter…

There is now a veritable cornucopia of cannabis products from which to choose, and the selection will grow in numbers and diversity.

Customers are gravitating toward Cannabis 2.0 products.

The Canadian Cannabis Survey 2020 from Statistics Canada found that edibles have become very popular. In fact, they are the second most used form of cannabis. Flower remains king, with 79% of men and 67% of women partaking that way.

As for edibles, more than half of women who used cannabis reported using edibles, compared to 47% of men.

Beverages have not yet caught on. They are the least used cannabis products for both men and women (7% and 5%, respectively).

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, people who have been feeling a little uncomfortable about smoking and vaping, as a respiratory illness spreads, have turned to alternatives.

“Many people live in apartments and smoking is not an option. As well as we’re aware this is a respiratory virus, so people are making different choices around their consumption,” says Unity Margeurite, in charge of procurement at the Village Bloomery.

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