Smoking essentials

Published on February 28, 2019 by David Wylie

Three must-have accessories for combusting cannabis

If you’re smoking weed, there are some key tools to have along the way.

1. The fresh-maker

It’s no secret that legal weed is dry and crumbly. People have been complaining about it since legalization. Fed up with crispy cannabis, we recently started using these Boveda packs and they are a game changer.

The sugar-packet-sized humidifying packs have changed our LP weed practically overnight. It was exactly what was needed to rehydrate the buds for the fullness and slow burn.

Before legalization we owned a grinder out of necessity because without it, we were stuck picking away at sticky weed all the time. It seemed like an inconvenience. Then legalization happened, and poof! It went dry. Legit news stories came out that grinder companies were going out of business because of it.

I can’t recommend Boveda packs enough to bring back those dank days.

2. Smooth grinder

Before rolling your joint, make sure you break up the (now rehydrated) buds to consistent bits. Your joint will roll easier and burn better.

Save time (and the smell of your fingers) with a grinder that will chew up bud into a smooth consistency at the twist of your wrist.

We’ve generally been using the $5-10 plastic ones that we pick up from our favourite local accessories shop.

But if you’re feeling fancy pants, $40 ones will grind, sift and even store away trichomes for kief.

Real nice grinders are closer to $100. One of the most praised brands online is Cali Crusher. Here’s a link to check out the prices on Amazon. The Max Grinder may be a good option for Prime customers.

There’s also a selection in many provincial government stores, like the BC Cannabis Store.

“They come as two, three and four-piece varieties,” says the BCCS, which gives a good breakdown of the different levels:

“Two-piece grinders grind cannabis but do not provide a space for the ground flowers to be caught, whereas three-piece grinders include an extra compartment for finely ground cannabis to fall into. A four-piece grinder includes a second compartment to catch extra-fine ground flower, or trichomes.”

3. Wrapping it up

What to choose when faced with a wall of rolling papers?

That’s really up to your own tastes. There are enough types of rolling papers that there should be some to fit just about every person. They come in myriad brands, sizes, colours, tastes, material, etc. From Canadian Lumber to pretty pink pre-rolls. So what is the best one of the bunch?

We have no idea, but here are three we’ve used:

  • Zigzag is a mainstay. They’re good quality and you can buy them anywhere.
  • Elements is a great brand for papers with filters. They stand out through smart design.
  • Luxe makes clear novelty rolling papers, called Glass. They’re made from plant cellulose.

We’ve bought our rolling papers from MaryJane’s Headquarters, Smokanagan and various gas stations around the Okanagan Valley.