The big list of things to do when you’re high

Published on May 24, 2024 by oz. staff

Some things to do when high, including a Switch controller, tea cup, chess set, and pencil crayons Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.
Need some inspiration? There's lots to keep your mind and body occupied while buzzed.

Ever wrestle with boredom while baked and look for things to do?

Sometimes it’s tough to decide what to do when you’re high. We can also fall into a pattern of doing the same old, same old. In order to help spark some inspiration for new activities to enjoy, we’ve been compiling things we’ve tried (or want to try) after partaking in our favourite plant.

Here’s a humongous list of things to do when you’re high.

  1.  Snap photos
  2.  Look at things through a microscope
  3.  Take a hike
  4.  Draw and/or colour
  5.  Watch TV
  6.  Watch a movie
  7.  Play video games
  8.  Tidy and organize
  9.  Journal
  10.  Sexy times
  11.  Play a board game
  12.  Finger paint
  13.  Bake cookies
  14.  Listen to music
  15.  Watch music videos
  16.  Dance
  17.  Take shots at a hockey net
  18.  Play an instrument
  19.  Chat with someone
  20.  Browse Reddit
  21.  Jump on a trampoline
  22.  Swim
  23.  Meditate
  24.  Pamper yourself with a face mask
  25.  Listen to a podcast
  26.  Deep breathing
  27.  Sled
  28.  Climb a tree
  29.  Wash dishes
  30.  Read
  31.  Write a newsletter
  32.  Light some candles
  33.  Flip through cookbooks
  34.  Fold laundry
  35.  Work in the garden
  36.  Drink a pot of tea
  37.  Write poetry
  38.  Do yoga
  39.  Stargaze
  40.  Give/get a massage
  41.  Lay in bed and close your eyes
  42.  Shower or bath
  43.  Play with your pet
  44.  Snuggle you pet (if they’ll let you)
  45.  Watch a comedian
  46.  Browse/post on social media
  47.  Eat
  48.  Do a role-playing game (like D&D)
  49.  Fill your mouth with pop rocks
  50.  Wander the mall
  51.  Virtual reality
  52.  Do something naked
  53.  Nerf gun fight
  54.  Play catch
  55.  Chase a bouncy ball
  56.  Do origami
  57.  Look at optical illusions
  58.  Play with a Rubik’s Cube
  59.  Make a playlist
  60.  Practise your rolling skills
  61.  Sculpt (or just play with some Play-Doh)
  62.  Enjoy a campfire
  63.  Stretch
  64.  Lift weights
  65.  Watch nostalgic cartoons
  66.  Chat with internet strangers
  67.  Play with Lego
  68.  Laser tag
  69.  Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  70.  Flip through magazines
  71.  Iron clothes
  72.  Crochet/knit
  73.  Do a crossword puzzle (or other word games)
  74.  Try a sensory deprivation tank
  75.  Ride a bike
  76.  Sit by a river/lake/ocean
  77.  Have a picnic
  78.  Sunbathe
  79.  Apply temporary tattoos
  80.  Blow bubbles
  81.  Wander through a library
  82.  Go to a museum
  83.  Give/get a manicure or pedicure
  84.  Kick a soccer ball
  85.  Cook a new recipe
  86.  Watch sports on TV
  87.  Be over-the-top silly (like pretending to be a ninja)
  88.  Name your houseplants
  89.  Experiment with your makeup
  90.  Go for a jog
  91.  Smoke another joint
  92.  U-pick fruit
  93.  Rearrange furniture
  94.  Wash your car
  95.  Shop online
  96.  Listen to an audiobook
  97.  Create new outfits in your closet
  98.  Slingshot practice—or use a rubber band!
  99.  Visit nostalgic websites, e.g. Homestar Runner
  100.  Submit more ideas to the oz.

(Have some favourite things to do that aren’t on this list? Email your additions to [email protected].)

Originally published in March 2021.