This Week in Cannabis News: Nov. 18

Published on November 18, 2020 by Dean Millard

Dean Millard from The Cannabis 101 Podcast and David Wylie of the oz. talk about some of the important stories on This Week in Cannabis News.

We celebrated the fact that Israel is moving forward with legalizing recreational cannabis and how they may have modelled things after Canada.

Insights from a Q&A with the CEO of the Flowr Corporation about their Toronto HQ and Okanagan production facility as well as future products coming from Flowr.

There could be a whole new group of consumer coming to cannabis thanks to Martha Stewart who is rolling out her CBD line.

We wrapped with a story about the roadblocks to legalization in Texas, despite the bite it could take out of their Texas sized debt due to COVID-19. Find out how to get a free tuque from the oz and get the latest news from the oz every Friday here.