1st cannabis store considered inside an airport

Published on January 7, 2022 by oz. staff

Prince George Airport may be the first in the world to have a cannabis store inside.

The first ever cannabis store inside an airport could open in Prince George this summer.

Cannabis retailer Copilot and the Prince George Airport Authority made a joint announcement Friday that the potential pot shop has applied for a business licence from the City of Prince George to operate in the departures area of YXS.

The application goes to city council on Jan. 10; if granted, Copilot plans to open later this year.

“We are very pleased to welcome Copilot if they receive a business licence and provincial approval,” says PG Airport Authority CEO Gordon Duke says. “Copilot has satisfied regulatory requirements from both Transport Canada and the province of BC in advance of their meeting with council.”

“Their products and services conform to all federal and provincial laws and the store will operate the same as other cannabis retail stores in Prince George. Copilot approached us in 2020 with a request to apply to lease space at our airport. They had a solid business plan that met our expectations for new business partners, and we welcome the opportunity to work with Copilot to expand the services available to our passengers.”

Copilot founders Owen Ritz (left) and Reed Horton

Copilot is founded by Reed Horton and Owen Ritz, college classmates and teammates at Dartmouth College. They say they dreaded the stress of flying and wanted to promote cannabis as a way to improve the modern travel experience.

This would be their first cannabis store.

“We see YXS as the perfect location to launch our initial store and fulfill our mission of making travel a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for our customers,” say the founders.

“YXS is large enough to introduce our innovative retail concept but small enough to build a close-knit relationship with our customers and the community.”